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AMB promotes the creation of energy communities

ERF participates in a project to disseminate energy communities to encourage their increase in municipalities

The project is centered in the dissemination of the energy production and consumption model of the energy communities © Pixabay

With the aim of promoting the transition towards a more sustainable and participatory energy model, the Technical Office for Energy Transition of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) has launched a project to promote the creation of energy communities in its municipalities. The central axis of this initiative is the dissemination of this model of energy production and consumption, from the most basic notions to technical particularities. It is expected that the dissemination of existing knowledge and the revitalization of the sector will spur the creation of these communities, which are already rising throughout the territory.

ERF will participate as the winner of lot 1 of the tender, referring to revitalization in the residential area. It will work to spread the basic notions about energy communities to key agents, administration staff and citizens; and will inform about the steps that the different parties will have to take to make energy communities a reality. The dissemination will be displayed at different levels through talks, webinars and a web page, among others.

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