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The Council of Mallorca presents the Master Plan for Energy Efficiency and Self-consumption in the 2030 horizon

The roadmap defines the actions to achieve the climate goals in the institution's buildings and vehicle fleet

Interior façade of Finca Raixa, property of the Council of Mallorca © ERF

The Council of Mallorca presented the Master Plan for Energy Efficiency and Self-consumption, written by ERF, which describes the measures to achieve the institution's emission reduction targets for the year 2030 in two different scenarios. The first one achieves the commitments related the Climate Change Law of the Balearic Islands; the second one, which is more ambitious, meets the objectives set by the EU. In accordance with European commitments, the institution foresees an energy saving of 36% by 2030, a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and that renewables represent 40% of the total energy consumed.

This plan presents a global action-oriented strategy, with 15 measures that affect the Consell buildings, and 7 more concerning the public vehicle fleet. Additionally, the report makes an approximation of what it would mean to achieve climate neutrality of direct emissions and the net balance with photovoltaic solar energy production by the year 2030.

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