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A global indicator will measure the general state of the environment of the Balearic Islands

ERF will develop a composite indicator that integrates the complexity of the Balearic territory and can be used to guide and design future environmental policies.

El transport marítim constitueix un dels impactes principals que afecten el medi ambient de les Illes Balears / ViquipèdiaSea transport represents one of the biggest impacts of human activity on the natural environment of the Balearic Islands © Wikipedia 

The Economic and Social Council (CES) of the Balearic Islands will establish a composite indicator of sustainability that will assess the general state of the environment of the Balearic Islands. The constitution of this indicator responds to the need and opportunity to create an integrating measurement system that reflects the Balearic territory as a whole, taking into account the singularities and conditioning factors of each island with the corresponding disaggregated information, and that positions the Balearic Islands in relation to other territories with similar characteristics.

ERF has won the public tender for this project and will work during the first half of 2022.

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